I’m Nathan Moody. I’m a multi-disciplinary creative living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to creating music for my own expression and for interactive experiences and film, I am a field recordist, motion graphics artist, interactive installation designer, graphic designer, photographer, and illustrator.

My music made from found sounds, field recordings, modular synthesizers, guitars, toys, and anything else I can get my hands on, processed through a mix of modern software and vintage hardware. I mix it all together into works that blend atonality with melody, organic with synthetic, soundscape with structure.

My published audio work goes back to the year 2000 (under various psuedonyms), but I soon tired of chasing genre tropes and “scenes.” I left music behind for a while to focus on sound design and field recording. And, well, look: Here we are again. No more pseudonyms or band names, no labels, no more third-person biographies. Just me, the sound, and the movies you play in your head while you listen.

I write about creativity, audio, music, and more at I can be followed on Twitter, heard on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, or contacted via this website.