I’m Nathan Moody. I compose and perform music found objects, field recordings, synthesizers, handmade instruments, guitars, and anything else I can get my hands on.

Ambient music that unsettles and provokes the listener rather than comforting them. -Electronic Sound Magazine

I focus on mixing the melodic and the experimental, the organic with the synthetic, and soundscape with structure. I have released more than a dozen solo albums, and either through licensing or direct commission, my music has graced remixes, video games, podcasts, short films, interactive installations, terrestrial and online radio. My work has been released on record labels such as DiN, ModularField, Tectorum Tapes, and more. I’ve collaborated musically with filmmakers, photographers, and creative directors of all stripes.

Through his vast back catalogue, one thing that’s clear is that music like Nathan’s simply wouldn’t exist had he not made them. It’s almost impossible to pigeonhole Nathan’s work in genre terms…however, it all seems seasoned with an almost industrial elegance. -James A. McDermid

I am also sound designer, an audio editor for linear and interactive media, as well as a mastering engineer. I’ve got a diverse creative background as a motion graphics artist and experimental filmmaker, interactive creative director, animator, user experience designer and illustrator.

I write about creativity, audio, music, and more on the Noise Jockey blog. I can be followed on Twitter, heard on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, watched on InstagramVimeo and YouTube, or contacted via this website.

I am thrilled to have artist support from JH AudioGlitchmachines, Sensorpoint/Jambé, and Tendrils Cables, and I regularly beta test software and hardware for other developers and manufacturers.

Notable Interviews

Podular Modcast interview with Nathan Moody (music, recording, mixing, and mastering)

Art + Music + Technology interview with Nathan Moody, by Darwin Grosse (music, creative process, and art)

Rig Rundown 06 with Nathan Moody, Ben Wilson/DivKid Modular (technical and compositional process, focusing on the Buchla modular synthesizer)

Interview with Nathan Moody, Hypnos Audio (creative process)

Rig Rundown 02 with Nathan Moody, Ben Wilson/DivKid Modular (technical process, focusing on Eurorack modular synthesizer)

Twenty Questions with Nathan Moody, The Music of Sound (background and creative process)

A Month of Field Recordists: Nathan Moody, (found sound recording)

Outstanding Sound Blogs: Meet Nathan Moody, A Sound Effect (field recording and sound design)

Compliation Appearances

Prophet and Loss, Tone Science Module 2 (2018, DiN Records)
, Tectorum Tapes Vol 2 (2016, Tectorum Tapes)
The Trouble With Progress (as Railgun), Fuck (2004, Hive Records)
(as Railgun)Krach Test (2001, Ad Noiseam)
Radium (as Railgun) and Too Far Gone (as Bitsplitter) ,Syncrhomesh 002 (2001, Synchromesh)
Near Future Statistic (as Railgun), Dystopian Visions (2000, Dystopian Records)
Thirteen (as Railgun), Cryonica Tanz (2000, Sideline)
Greasing the Palms of Hope (as Railgun), Ringworm v1 (2000, Tinman)
The Whisperer In the Darkness (as Railgun), Challenge From Beyond (1999, Dion Fortune)