I’m an interactive audio designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a uniquely broad background and a passion for constant learning. I work independently, as well as with Skywalker Sound and Team Audio, providing a range of services that include supervising, recording, designing, editing, and implementing sound effects, music, and Foley.

I sell commercial sound effects libraries through A Sound Effect; my recordings have been used in games, horror films, sci-fi cinema epics, and award-winning documentaries. I have run the Noise Jockey blog on field recording, sound design, and music since 2009. I am also a composer/musician, as well as a professional mastering engineer with over five hundred projects under my belt.

Before my career in audio, I worked professionally as an illustrator, video editor, animator, creative agency co-founder, and award-winning creative director and user experience designer for software and interactive installations. My clients have ranged from three-person game studios to Fortune 50 enterprises. This improbably diverse experience allows me to communicate with any other creative or technical discipline, in their language, with deep empathy for their process.

I am an experience designer whose deliverables happen to be audio.

Let’s tell some stories. Build some worlds. Make people feel. Reach out, and let’s make some noise together. 

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Recent Projects

  • Sound designer, Disney+ Environments (app, Apple Vision Pro, 2024)
  • Sound editor and music designer, canceled game project (2023)
  • Mastering engineer, Oxenfree II OST (game, Netflix, 2023)
  • Mastering engineer, Guild Wars 2 OSTs (game, ArenaNet, 2021-2023)
  • Mixing and mastering engineer, Firmament OST (game, Cyan, 2022; nominee, 2023 World Soundtrack Awards)
  • Sound designer and dialogue implementer, The Callisto Protocol (game, Striking Distance Studios, 2022; winner, G.A.N.G. Award for Best New Original IP Audio)
  • Audio lead/sound designer, SCP: Fragmented Minds (game, HST Games, 2022)

Interviews and Appearances