Once a boy from Maine making cut-up sound collages with a dual cassette deck, I’m now a freelance sound designer and audio editor, with an improbably broad and cross-pollinated professional creative background.

This confluence of experience makes me a unique and conceptually-driven collaborator, allowing me to communicate with any other creative or technical discipline, in their language, and with empathy for their process. In fact, my own production process is born from a superset of all the professional experiences I’ve had, from agile software engineering to iterative design to the building of brands.

As a sound designer, my sounds have been used in interactive installations, audio branding, prototypes for consumer electronics products, interactive installations, corporate videos, software applications, podcasts, documentaries, and video games. My own sound effects libraries have been used in games, horror movies, and a Oscar®-nominated documentary.

As an audio editor, I’ve done dialogue and music editing for corporate videos, podcasts, documentaries, interactive experiences, event projections, and television pilots.

Under my umbrella company, Studio Obsidian, I am also a composer/musician (ASCAP), a mastering engineer, and a private-press record label owner. Before all that have a varied background as an illustrator, animator, video editor, creative director, and award-winning interface and user experience designer. I have run the influential Noise Jockey blog on sound design since 2008.

So, let’s tell some stories. Create some experiences. Make people feel. Reach out, and let’s make some noise together.

Notable Recent Projects