New Album Release on September 14!


Today, I’ve got an exciting announcement: My first full-length LP, titled Dissolver, will be released on September 14, 2015. You can pre-order it immediately on Bandcamp and Amazon; when released, it will also be available on iTunes and Google Play.

Some of the tracks have been shared in preview versions on Soundcloud, but most have never been heard before. It’s a collection of darkly cinematic pieces that explores the spectra of ambient to angry, soundscape to structured, and atonal to melodic, sometimes within the same track. It treads the margin between sound design and music composition, made with field recordings, found objects, synthesizers, guitar, and software.

More info will be shared when the album is available, two weeks from now. And that’ll be just the beginning. Watch this space and Twitter for more!

Until then, enjoy this four-minute teaser of some snippets from the Dissolver LP.