New Release: Announcing the “Études” Series


I’m happy to announce the release of Études I: Blue Box, my latest album. It is the beginning of a series of albums that study only one instrument at a time, as an exercise in constraints.

This recording is available as two continuous mixes only available on audio cassette, or downloadable separate tracks. Both formats include over 14 additional minutes of bonus tracks.

Études I is named after the instrument used, a small Eurorack modular synthesizer (only one of its two rows have sound-making modules), made up primarily of modules from the Mannequins series, made by Whimsical Raps. This small instrument possesses a lot of options, while always retaining a signature sound. More details on this release can be learned by reading the album’s production notes.

A second release in the Études series is right around the corner, on an instrument that’s even smaller. This will be released within just a month or two. Stay tuned!