New Release: “Future Rituals”

I’m thrilled to announce the first album I’ve released with label support in 18 years: Future Rituals is available via Modularfield records.

A split album with Cologne-based HHNOI, Future Rituals is based on a shared set of samples that I created. We both explored the moods and emotions of a civilization after our own, and the notions of what life might be like. In this way, it’s a spiritual successor to my electro-acoustic album The Right Side of Mystery, but entirely filtered through modern music making tools. Of course, each of us interpreted the themes and music entirely differently, which only adds to the strength of the release.

The origins of this album started with a show with HHNOI, put on by the label, in Cologne, Germany in the fall of 2018. An intimate show where each of us played for 10 minutes, volleying back and forth as we alternated movements, a quick friendship was struck and discussions for a collaborative release started. Fast forward six months and Modularfield not only supported the idea, but got the city of Cologne to help support the creation of this work. I’m deeply appreciative of the support and trust everyone has put into me, HHNOI, and this release.

The first review of the album is up now on Toneshift.