A personal journey through sound.


I’m Nathan Moody, and I’m a sound designer, recordist, synthesist, and musician. Noise Jockey profiles my adventures in sound: Sound design, field recording, and music. This site is has two parts: my audio and field recording blog, and a separate sub-site about my music (and you can find my recordings on Bandcamp). I am also a mastering engineer at Obsidian Sound.

As a multidisciplinary designer and artist in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m also an award-winning interactive creative director, interaction designer, filmmaker, and animator. When I need a break you’ll find me hiking, backpacking, sea kayaking, cycling, and studying film and art history. Maybe now you realize why I update this blog so infrequently.

Selected Interviews:

Questions? Comments? Cocktail recipes? info[at]noisejockey[dot]net. You can also follow me on Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Instagram. 

All sound, photography, video, and design on this site is my own, unless stated otherwise, and is copyrighted with all rights reserved.