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Fun with Bikes

Posted: April 5th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: found sound objects, sound design, video/motion

I’m pleased to offer the first video content on Noise Jockey, and outgrowth of an earlier post on recording bicycles. More to come.

Audio nerd bonus quiz: This was recorded double system with two microphones. The visible one was for the sound effect itself, aimed at the bike wheel. Where’s the other mic?

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20 Comments on “Fun with Bikes”

  1. 1 Javi said at 5:48 am on April 5th, 2010:

    Great. Keep on posting!

  2. 2 Michael Raphael said at 5:59 am on April 5th, 2010:

    Nice! What kind of bike you ride? Is that a Lemond or a Trek?

  3. 3 Colin Hart said at 6:26 am on April 5th, 2010:

    Great find!

    My quiz answer:

    From the sound of your voice, and the response on your 702 meters behind you, I’m guessing the second mic is a lav on you?

  4. 4 Nathan said at 6:53 am on April 5th, 2010:

    Michael, that’s a Trek Madone 5.2. Forgot to list that while ticking off the gear list. :-)

  5. 5 Nathan said at 6:56 am on April 5th, 2010:

    Colin, as a guy with loads of production mixing experience, I figured it’d be you who’d guess correctly! Yes, indeed, the second mic is a Countryman B3 lav, hidden in the front placket of my shirt, at the second button down. Nice job! :-)

  6. 6 Michael Raphael said at 7:12 am on April 5th, 2010:

    Don’t tell me you’re a roadie too? This is getting weird Nathan!

  7. 7 Miguel said at 8:05 am on April 5th, 2010:

    Great video, Nathan. Minute 1:18 = Epic!

    Hope to see more of this kind of videos in the future! Keep rockin’ it!

  8. 8 Nathan said at 8:22 am on April 5th, 2010:

    Michael: I’m an equal opportunity bicyclist (road and MTB) but I think I do prefer roadie flowiness. :-)

    Miguel: Many thanks, man!

  9. 9 Matt said at 10:21 am on April 5th, 2010:

    Fantastic! Now where’s my bike?…

  10. 10 Chuck Russom said at 12:59 pm on April 5th, 2010:

    Damn you Nathan! I really need to step it up….Now, where is my video camera…. :)

  11. 11 Hugo said at 3:53 pm on April 5th, 2010:

    Hi there Nathan,

    I ride a Specialized myself. Haven’t tried recording it yet, though :) I just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job with your blog. I really like the sounds and really like the clean design as well!
    And, good performance on that video!

    Hugo (from Everyday Listening)

  12. 12 Colin Hart said at 8:19 pm on April 5th, 2010:

    Ha, thanks! Nice.

    BTW, ridiculously awesome sound you’ve discovered!!! I’ll have to try it out!

  13. 13 Bob said at 8:29 pm on April 5th, 2010:

    great post!! your site has quickly become a daily haunt for me. keep up the good stuff – – by the way – what’s up with the giant robot from a few posts back?

  14. 14 Nathan said at 8:11 am on April 6th, 2010:

    Bob, you mean this post?

    Why do you ask? Do you want to buy it? I’m finding that buying a 9′ tall robot was, in hindsight, kinda dumb. LMK if you want to buy it cheap before I eBay it.

  15. 15 Michel said at 6:21 am on April 8th, 2010:

    Hey Nathan
    Long time reader here, but first comment.
    Nice video! Hope to see more in the near future.
    Thanks for share and keep the good work.

  16. 16 Jay said at 11:42 pm on April 8th, 2010:


    Kudos on your first video – I am a huge, huge fan of people sharing their knowledge of sound design and recording techniques, and this video podcast has made me very happy indeed.

    Thought you’d be interested to know that I did a lot of this kind of recording back in 2008 for a film I was working on that had these crazy-fast robot motorcycles roaring through a post-apocalyptic wasteland (sound familiar?) – along with many other design elements, my tire recordings brought a lot of character to these vehicles.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm — keep the contributions coming!

  17. 17 PABLO VIVAS said at 6:56 pm on April 9th, 2010:

    Great hope to see more ,thank you for sharing ideas, good staff

  18. 18 Michael Maroussas said at 3:44 am on April 10th, 2010:

    great vid nathan.

    However, i too have wondered what became of the robot – I thought we might see a shot of him in the bg mowing the lawn or doing some light dusting or something. But now we hear he’s for the scrap heap! A robot’s not just for christmas nathan………

  19. 19 gbsr said at 6:41 am on April 11th, 2010:

    well, that was one damn sexy sound.
    luckily i have a couple of wheels and whatnots lying around hehe.

  20. 20 Ryan said at 10:56 pm on September 9th, 2010:

    My god. That could be the most nerve-racking saw or dental drill in a movie… I shiver with the thought….

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