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Welcome back.

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It’s 2023, and I’ve not posted here in four years. Let’s talk about what’s been happening, why I’m restarting this blog – my first post was July 4th, 2009! – and what’s next.

Game Audio and Sound Design

On the sound design side, I’m focusing on interactive audio, primarily working through Skywalker Sound. Through SkySound, Team Audio, and my own freelance work, I’ve designed and implemented audio for The Callisto Protocol, Pentiment, SCP: Fragmented Minds, and more (and much more coming soon) in the last two years. It’s a logical next step after having created sound for interactive installations, consumer electronics prototypes, and other non-game software since 2005. And I’m having a blast.

The main portion of this website is now dedicated to my work in interactive audio. You can hear me talk about this transition in this interview with the School of Video Game Audio.


This is my sixth year of being a professional mastering engineer at my own studio, Obsidian Sound. To balancing this work with all the game audio projects I’m doing, Obsidian Sound in increasingly focused on mastering for professional composers in games and film. I’ve mastered over 500 projects at this stage…it continues to be a blast and I learn something new on every project.


My own musical practice continues to be a vital means of self-expression for me. A compulsion, at times. As of this blog post, I have released 26 EPs and full-length albums since 2015, most of which are available at nathanmoody.bandcamp.com. I continue my exploration of both organic and electronic sounds and a variety of composition methods, and there’s no sign of this slowing down. Some exciting new releases are coming up soon.

Restarting This Blog

My audio practice has changed so much that it’s time to start re-documenting my experiences, ideas, thoughts, and philosophies in a longer form than current forms of social media will allow. Blogs aren’t as popular as they once were, but screw it. I’m a creature of habit. And it’s my sandbox; no service can dictate how or when I share content here, and I vehemently feel that it should always be free of change.

What’s Next

It’s my hope to continue to post articles, ideas, and thoughts that showcase the truest breadth of my interests, and which underscore my philosophy that the borders between audio disciplines are far more porous than most are led to believe. Art, music, equipment, field recording, sound design, experiments that both succeed and fail…this will continue to be a space not to showcase myself as any sort of expert. As always, I am just documenting my journey, with its missteps and its wins.

If this post reaches anyone, I hope you’ll rejoin me on my lifelong quest to explore the realm of sound in all of its forms.

So…hello. Again.

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  1. 1 George said at 9:12 am on April 30th, 2023:

    Welcome back, we’ve missed you.

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